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Residential Computer Services


Residential Computer Help

Whether you are a computer guru or not, why take the time and endure the frustration of unplugging all of your computer cables and taking it to the local geek storeā€¦ With one quick call, you can have an expert at your door in most cases in 24 hours or less! We also offer after-hours service.

Computer Repair
If your computer is not running as it should, or not running at all, with over 15 years experience, our goal is to have your computer up and running the same day.

Virus/Spyware Detection and Removal
According to a recent survey taken by Consumer Reports 1 in 7 computers have had a major computer virus. Over 566,000 computers were replaced due to Spyware. Spyware and virus' not only slow your computer down, but they threaten your data, your sensative information, and your computer Operating System.

We use state-of-the-art techniques to detect and remove virsus and Spyware on your computer. We also specialize in setting up a protective wall between your computer and the Internet protecting your data from unauthorized access.

We are experts in both wired and wireless networking. If you would like to share files, printers or share an Internet connection, then we can get you up and running quick.

Is your computer running way to slow, or are you short on storage for all of those digital photos? We can increase the amount of storage memory, and work with you to devise a secure backup strategy so that if your computer does crash or is stolen, you don't loose those precious memories.

With new computer applications coming out all of the time; not to mention new Operating Systems like Vista, we can come to your home and help you to get up to speed as fast as possible.

Home Theater
It has become very popular to stream MP3, WMA and other digital music files, as well as video files from a computer, directly to your TV. We have experts in this area, that can have you up and running fast.

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